Acrylic Mount vs Metal Print

cirque_du_soleil-mystere_thrills_audiences_with_artistryAcrylic Mount vs Metal Print, Accuracy vs. Cost, Only You Can Decide

Acrylic Mount vs Metal Print, Accuracy vs. Cost, Only You Can Decide. Face Mounts are actual photographic prints. They are made with Fuji paper, Epson inkjet paper or a metallic paper. This is why one sees great color accuracy. These papers are designed so there is no color shift when printed. I prefer to use these papers because of the high gloss effect. I get true color accuracy. There is more depth to the photographic print. The print is tact sharp.

Though the backing for acrylic face mounts is an aluminum composite material, we do not refer to them as metal prints. The backing has no effect on the look of the image itself. The term “metal print” is used to describe prints made using the dye sublimation process or flatbed inkjet process. The printing is done directly onto the surface of metal. With that in mind, acrylic face mounts give me the fine art level of color accuracy my photographs require.

The problem is in the way dye sub metal prints are produced. Metal prints were never designed to be a fine art product, so they do not give the same level of color accuracy that inkjet prints or traditional photographic papers are capable of. Metal Prints are accurate enough for many photographers, but not for a small minority of photographers who are interested in color accuracy. It is a decision that each photographer must make when considering metal prints.

“Metal” prints come in many forms these days and are constantly changing. There are dye sublimation transfers as well as flatbed inkjet printers that print directly onto metal. Both are geared more toward the commercial markets so compromise “fine art” quality for speed and cost. It is my opinion that acrylic face mounts are more color accurate for the above reasons. The results are beautiful. The product will last a lifetime.