Black Elm Tree, Cook’s Meadow, Yosemite NP

Black Elm Tree, Cook’s Meadow, Yosemite NP
Black Elm Tree, Cook’s Meadow, Yosemite NP.  As a regular visitor to Yosemite National Park to photograph, I have found this meadow to be more special than any of the other locations.  Nestled in the east end of Yosemite Valley, with views of Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, Glacier Point, and Sentinel Rock, Cook’s Meadow might be the most scenic meadow in the world. In late summer the meadow starts to dry out. Thus, the meadow starts to turn gold and brown. Yosemite Falls grows quiet due to lack of recent rain.  One can smell the wild mint strong in the air. Fawn sightings become more frequent.  As they grew larger, they are better able to outrun predators.  They are less reliant on hiding for protection.

Each year as fall progresses, I wait for the famous Black Elm Tree, Cook’s Meadow, Yosemite NP  to turn gold. This is the last remnant of a row of elms once planted along a road running across the meadow. The road and other elms are long gone, but this shapely tree remains, attracting lenses by the dozen in October.
What’s so special about Cook’s meadow and other  wetlands? Nowhere else in Yosemite will you find a greater diversity of plants and animals. Meadows and wetlands are vital for deer and bears, for numerous birds, and for an unbelievable number of smaller creatures, all of which depend upon an amazing variety of plants.

And, to top it off, the openess of Cook’s meadows provides great views of the surrounding area.

When visiting meadows, tread carefully and use existing boardwalks and trails where they exist. If you see wildlife, keep wildlife wild; respect animals from a distance.

You’ll find several meadows in Yosemite Valley, all of which have boardwalks or trails that are wheelchair accessible (and also great for bicyclists).

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