Gates Of The Valley, Yosemite NP. Ca

Gates Of The Valley, Yosemite NP. Ca
Gates Of The Valley, Yosemite NP. Ca.   As Michael Frye stated “I’ve always been attracted to color. Color can be eye-catching, but more importantly to me, it’s a powerful tool for conveying a mood.”

Interesting colors always catch my eye.  I know that color is not enough by itself. You can’t just point your camera toward something colorful and expect to make a great photograph.  You need to find a design to go with that color. So I’m always looking for focal points and patterns that could help give structure to the color.

I made this image at Gates Of The Valley on Oct. 31, 2015. It was an overcast afternoon. I decided to hang around  where the Merced River passes by.  At 5:11PM right before sunset, I noticed a pink glow in the clouds to the north west. I knew the glow could fade quickly, but as luck had it, it grew more intense. A random arrangement of reflections in the foreground just wouldn’t make an interesting photograph, no matter how colorful the sky. I needed to find some kind of design, pattern, or focal point in that river.  Preferably a design that would tie the foreground and background together, or lead the eye from foreground to background.

As the pink glow grew more intense, I hurried along the river shore, looking for a location that would fit those criteria. I found one spot that seemed to work, with a vaguely circular swath of water reflecting the pink sky. In the middle of that circle was a reflected area from the monlith on the left which could provide a foreground focal point. And some diagonal lines on the lower left corner that lead ones eye to the reflections on the water and through to the Valley Gates in the distant granite domes, creating a visual connection between foreground and background.  For more information follow this link to

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