Golden Cottonwoods Contrast And Light Yosemite NP

Golden Cottonwoods Contrast And Light Yosemite NP

Golden Cottonwoods Contrast And Light Yosemite NP depicts one of the most dramatic lighting conditions for landscape photography.  This occurs when light and shadow work together to define a subject. The contrast of a backlit branch of autumn leaves against a dark shadow, or a sunset-lit mountain, glowing out from a dark storm cloud, will give power to your images. Yosemite Valley, with its soaring granite cliffs, provides many opportunities to photograph at the edges of shadow and light. Although Yosemite is an exceptional example, anywhere uneven terrain or low-angled sun casts shadows over the landscape, there can be that exciting contrast.

The golden colored cottonwood trees against the deep blue of the cliff behind it make use of strong, dark shadows behind the trees. With this contrast, the shapes and lines can stand apart with graphic emphasis.  This photo was taken at the height of Fall Foliage.  You have the beautiful golds of the Cottonwoods Trees against the deep blue of the cliff behind it.   Gold and blue are complimentary colors. Due to this striking color clash, the term opposite colors is often considered more appropriate than “complementary colors”.  The use of such contrast must be highly selective. I search for excellent design elements to work with brilliant lighting conditions. Extra time spent searching for the best shapes and light is always worthwhile.  In “Golden Cottonwoods Contrast And Light Yosemite NP” the trees jump out from the shadows and are reinforced by their reflections in the water.

The camera position affects the image graphics just as it does the contrast.  The sidelighting brings out the texture of the leaves. The group of cottonwoods decending in height both on land and the reflecting water combined with the dark background, sets off the grove as a strong graphic shape. The light is what’s striking in this image, but the design structure, the graphic underpinnings, holds the image together.

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