Great Fairy Rescue

Great Fairy Rescue

Great Fairy Rescue.  The fairy posses magical powers that bless all of the animals on their way to  freedom and a magical life of happiness.

I created the Great Fairy Rescue by using a process called “compositing” in Photoshop.  What is compositing? Simply, it means to combine two or more images to make a single picture.  In this photograph I used more than 5 photos

As a photographer, I’m constantly coming up with different concepts that I feel might make a good photo.  It is not always possible to get the perfect shot in one session. There have been numerous occasions while on a shoot where the light was not bright enough for the particular shot that I had in mind. On other occasions the background was too distracting. This is where the ability to create composite imagery in Photoshop is a huge advantage.  I spent many hours gathering photos at the Palm Desert Living Museum in California.  These photos were taken in Spring of 2016.

To produce a composite image in Photoshop, you need to isolate the subjects from the background of your various source photos. When I started out, I used the quick selection tool and the lasso tool to help isolate my subjects. Now, I use the ‘quick selection’ and ‘refine edge’ tools which are superb and are a much faster way of doing extractions, especially for isolating hair!

Designers, photographers, and artists use Photoshop to create fantastic and realistic images for illustrations, fine art, and editorial content. Whether they’re landscape or portrait photographers, illustrators or fine artists, masking and compositing are essential skills to master for combining images to the extent that it is impossible to tell where one image stops and the other one begins.  For more information, please follow this link to

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