Lone Cypress Trees Like Guardian Angels, Pebble Beach, Ca

silver-star Oregon Professional Photographers Association Merit July 2014
gold-star Professional Photographers of America/IPC Aug. 2015 Guardian Angels

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Lone Cypress Trees Like Guardian Angels, Pebble Beach, Ca

Lone Cypress Trees Like Guardian Angels, Pebble Beach, Ca.  Setting sun on the famous Cypress Tree, 17 Mile Dr. Pebble Beach, Ca. The Lone Cypress, a Monterey cypress that sprouts from a granite promontory along Pebble Beach’s 17-Mile Drive, has been a tourist attraction since the 1880s.

You probably have seen the Lone Cypress. It stands along famously scenic 17-Mile Drive, which is raked by wind, swaddled in fog, cloaked in colors from the setting sun, clinging to its wave-lashed granite pedestal like God’s own advertisement for rugged individualism.  It may be 250 years old. It might be the most photographed tree in North America. It’s a marketing tool, a registered trademark, and a Western icon. After paying the entrance fee you can cruise 17-Mile Drive (which is private property, part of the 5,300-acre Pebble Beach resort), you will see the Lone Cypress and behold the spectacular collision of land and sea, that is Pebble Beach. But you won’t get within 40 feet of the tree.  This is the challenge of photographing an icon destination.  But when I am here photographing, I only have eyes for the tree, The Lone Cypress Tree.  For more information about the 17Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, Ca.  follow this link to http://www.latimes.com/travel/la-tr-postcards-lone-cypress-20130519-dto-htmlstory.html

Special Note–As a member of Professional Photographer’s of America, I entered this photograph into our once yearly 2015 International Photographic Competition. The photo has not only MERITED, but it will be entered into our general collection book which will be printed by Marathon Press.