Michelle and Craig’s Wedding Nuptials, Foundry At Oswego Pointe

Michelle and Craig’s Wedding Nuptials, Foundry At Oswego Pointe.

Michelle and Craig’s Wedding Nuptials, Foundry at Oswego Pointe.  They exchanged their wedding vows on April 14th 2016. Friends and family gathered. It was a wonderful and joyous occasion.  The Foundry sits on a beautiful site overlooking the Willamette River.  Lake Oswege or Old Town grew with the iron industry between 1865 and 1894. The Oregon Iron Company operated from 1865 until it failed in 1876. The company employed about 80 men when the furnace was in full operation.  In 1877 two investors formed the Oswego Iron Company and sporadically operated the furnace, which produced a total of 18,500 tons of iron until financial troubles closed it in 1881.

In 1882 the company was reorganized as the Oregon Iron and Steel Company. Under Simeon Reed, the company employed approximately 300 men at one time. Business boomed in the 1890, but it was short lived as ships began dumping imported iron on the docks in Portland. The iron had served as ballast and could be sold at a relatively low price. The depression of 1893 brought about the final closure of the plant in 1894.  With the decline of the iron industry and the increased popularity of the lake as a recreation area, the residential area grew mainly to the west. The distinct boundaries of the Willamette River, the iron foundry, and the main road and commercial avenue of Oswego prevented Old Town from expanding much beyond its original borders. It was a beautiful venue for the wedding as remnants of the “old foundry” are still visible.  The beautiful Willamette River flows by the venue with large trees that line the bank of the river.  http://www.thefoundrylakeoswego.com

Family and friends gathered to celebrate the joyous occasion. Michelle was escorted down the isle by her father. Her 3 sister’s were her bridesmaids. Duke, her red daschund was the ring bearer. Duke was escorted by her niece.

They will make their home in Vancouver, Wa.  Members of their household will include 3 dogs, 2 special need cats, and 2 lizards.  Michelle will continue working at Petsmart where she is a dog trainer.  Craig is currently working on his Master’s Degree in Portland, Oregon.

All photography was taken by Wendy M. Seagren, a professional photographer.  Her photography studio is located in Camas, Wa.  She is a member of Oregon Professional Photographer’s Association and Professional Photographer’s of America. She has received a Bronze Medal during International Photographic Competion in 2015. All 4 photos submitted went to the Collection book. She will receive her Master’s Degree from PPA on Jan 8, 2018 at Imaging USA in San Antonio, Texas.

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