North Lake, Eastern Sierra’s, Ca. Autumn

North Lake, Eastern Sierra’s, Ca. Autumn
North Lake, Eastern Sierra’s, Ca. Autumn. Autumn holds many treasures.  It is also the fall color season. This is a time of surprisingly beautiful displays of color on the trees and foliage all around North Lake, Eastern Sierra’s, Ca. This particular photo was taken 20 miles southwest of Bishop, off California State Route 168, (which is also known as West Line Road). This road travels to about 6,000 feet in elevation. The photograph depicts North Lake lit by alpenglow before sunrise, with groves of yellow and orange aspen trees on the side of Piute Peak.

Plants make their own food. They take water from the ground through their roots. They take a gas called carbon dioxide from the air. They turn water and carbon dioxide into food and oxygen. Oxygen is a gas in the air that we need to breathe. Plants make their food using sunlight and something called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll gives leaves their green color. Winter days are short and dry. Many plants stop making food in the fall. The chlorophyll goes away. Then we can see orange and yellow colors. These colors were in the leaves all summer, but the green covered them up. Some leaves turn red. This color is made in the fall, from food trapped in the leaves. This process of the leaves turning color is called Fall Foliage. Brown colors are also made in the fall. They come from wastes left in the leaves.

That’s not sunlight on Piute Crag but alpenglow, which is light that reaches us before sunrise by refraction through the atmosphere. Alpenglow has a very warm, soft character.  For more information follow this link to

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