Palouse Scenic Drive, Steptoe Butte, Wa.

Palouse Scenic Drive, Steptoe Butte, Wa.

Palouse Scenic Drive, Steptoe Butte, Wa. is a magical place for photographer’s. Drive through the Palouse just after the crops spring out of the ground, or during a time when the lentil plants or others are blooming. This is a real treat for landscape photographers and agricultural lovers.

Steptoe Butte, Wa. is a must visit place if you want astonishing photos of the area.  But the dry hot summer and or after crops are harvested is not the best time to see the Palouse.

April – early June and then again in early Fall right before harvest time are great times to visit. Get up very early and be there for sunrise. It is a magical time. The warm ground and the cool nights make the land steam as fog lifts up and disappears. The low-angled light on the fields is perfect for pictures. Or, be there for a sunset to remember. If you have one, the stability of a tripod makes sharper images as the wind tends to blow.  The park has only a restroom and some picnic tables, and amenities in nearby villages are scarce, so plan ahead and take water and a snack if you are staying more than a few minutes.

It is a peaceful, lonely place much of the time, but the wind can be ferocious, and get off the butte quickly if there is lightning since it is the highest point for many, many miles. For more information from the State Park sight go to

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