Palouse Turbines Generating Electricity, Wa

Palouse Turbines Generating Electricity, Wa.

Palouse Wind is a 105 megawatt wind farm located in northern Whitman County, Washington.  It is  between the town of Oakesdale and State Route 195.  It is situated perfectly to capture the prevailing southwest wind. The  wind resource is a natural progression for one of America’s most productive farming regions. With the completion of the project, Whitman County has another way to harvest economic benefits from the Palouse.

Palouse Wind Profile is comprised of (58) 1.8 megawatt (MW) Vestas turbines. The turbines are located on wheat farms situated along Naff Ridge.  Wind power from the project interconnects to the Avista 230 kilovolt (kV) Benewah-to-Shawnee transmission line.  They generate enough clean, renewable energy to power the homes of about 30,000 Avista customers.  Thus making this a true “home grown” energy partnership.

The benefits of a wind farm go much deeper than just producing clean, renewable energy.  They create hundreds of jobs and provide millions of dollars in tax revenue.  Wind farms also support local businesses and the community as a whole. The Palouse Wind team will continue to work closely with Whitman County to ensure the wind farm provides a wide range of local economic and environmental benefits.

Over the life of the project annual tax payments of approximately $700,000 could be used to lower tax rates, improve schools, maintain roads, and enhance local services.  Over 600 workers contributed to the design and construction of Palouse Wind.  Twelve permanent jobs were created to operate and maintain the project.
The increased spending in Whitman County will benefit a wide range of local businesses.   Over $30 million was spent during construction.   Approximately $1million per year will be spent during operations.

Under the State Environmental Policy Act Environmental Impact Statement, Whitman County went through an eight- month review.  The review included public comment periods and hearings.  Unlike conventional power sources, wind power produces electricity without harmful emissions or watershed pollution.  Power produced by Palouse Wind avoids more than 145,000 tons of CO2e per year.  For more information follow this link

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