It was a beautiful April evening.  I was out in Cook’s Meadow, Yosemite National Park with my camera and tripod. I asked myself, what makes Yosemite Valley so wonderful, so extraordinary? It is the juxtaposition of soaring cliffs with the serenity of the meadows. It is also the meandering river on the valley floor. There are other places with magnificent cliffs. There is no other place with an idyllic valley surrounded by such high walls. The quintessential Yosemite experience is to wander out into a meadow. Stare up at the cliffs, waterfalls and trees and soak up the tranquility.  I then pointed my camera at upper and lower Yosemite Falls with the North Star a bit above and to the right and started my many individual photographs that would form Star Trails Over Yosemite Falls.

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