Portland, Oregon, Secret Hour Along Willamette River

Portland, Oregon, Secret Hour Along Willamette River

Portland, Oregon, Secret Hour Along Willamette River.  Blue hour view of the Hawthorne Bridge, Portland, Oregon.  Beautiful casts of colored street lights from the Hawthorne Bridge reflect playfully during the blue hour on the Williamette River, Portland, Oregon. Development of the Willamette’s west bank in Portland began in the 1840s with the first docks to service the young port town. Before long steam engines had hammered in thousands of pilings.  By the early 1900s nearly the entire waterfront from the Hawthorne Bridge to the Broadway Bridge consisted of pile-supported docks, warehouses and boardwalks.

As the city grew, wetlands, including the mouth of Enois Creek in Marquam Gulch and Blackiston’s Lake north of Burnside, were filled with massive amounts of sawdust, mill wastes, dredge spoils, gravel, debris from demolished buildings, and even garbage.

A succession of bridges spanning the Willamette claimed more riverbank with foundations and abutments. Perhaps the most dramatic transformation was construction of the massive Harbor Wall in the 1920s. Built in front of the rotting docks and collapsing buildings of the blighted waterfront, it moved the west shore of the Willamette River eastward. The remnants of Porland’s past were buried under as much as 50 feet of fill to create Harbor Drive on what is now Waterfront Park.  

silver-star Portland Metropolitan Photographers Association / Oregon Professional Photographers Association, merited photo (PMPA became OPPA in Feb. 2014)

gold-star PPA/International Photographic Competition merited photo, Collection Book 2016

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