Redwoods, Rhododendrons, Fog, Redwoods NP

Redwoods, Rhododendrons, Fog, Redwoods NP

Redwoods, Rhododendrons, Fog, Redwoods NP is on the California coast at Redwood National and State Parks.    South of the Oregon border.   The tallest trees on Earth grow upward from old-growth forests. Limbs reach for the sky.

Stand beneath a redwood tree.  There is no comprehension of its true size and scale.  It simply doesn’t register.  It is my opinion that the intense forest ecosystems that they help to create is far more visual.  In the top canopy of the forest, redwoods, western hemlock, and Douglas-fir trees commingle.  Dynamic are their thickets. Activity of flying wildlife abounds.  The middle canopy is filled with Tanoak and rhododendron trees. They provide low-to-the-ground shade aiding bottom-up growth.  The forest floor is a mess of fallen trees, rich soil, tree bark, mosses, leaves, water, stone, and seemingly every variety of emerald-colored vegetation that you think belongs in an old-growth forest.

Flora — Rhododendrons draw many people to the area in Spring and Summer. This is the time of year for the annual bloom.  It may be Washington State’s official flower, but it blooms like a champ in the coastal redwood area of California. There isn’t one specific viewing location.  They grow throughout the entire region, peaking out from inside the intense vegetation with glorious peeps of color. To see them, you will want to focus more on when than where—the height of the bloom is mid-May to early-June.

Another splendor of lush vegetation can be found among the ferns. They create fertile ground for scores of shrubs, wildflowers and other plant life that ultimately supports the growth of the redwoods, fir, and hemlock trees.

Coast redwood trees are not only the world’s tallest trees, they are the tallest living thing on the planet!

The average age of a redwood tree is 500-800 years old but the oldest are up to 2,000 years old.

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