Resting Sun, Crescent City Beach, Ca

Resting Sun, Crescent City Beach, Ca

Resting Sun, Crescent City Beach, Ca.

Rock Cushions Sun, Redwoods National Park. Step from a redwood forest onto the wide-to-the-sky spread of Pebble Beach is an ­unforgettable memory. Equally memorable are the Roosevelt elk.  Grazing in the meadows, then making their regal, antlered way through the sand. The world’s tallest trees, America’s largest elk—sometimes size does matter.

Don’t Miss:Pebble Beach is a long string of connected coves in Crescent City, Northern California. The beach has numerous parking areas all along South and North Pebble Beach Drive. Located between Battery Point and Point St. George.

Starting at the south end, there is a fishing access and picnic area parking lot across from Brother Jonathan Memorial Park.  500 feet north of that is a road that drops down to parking on a rocky point called Preston Island. The widest part of the beach is after the housing development ends and a large wetlands area opens on the inland side of the road. Large drift logs dot the shoreline here and huge rocks are seen offshore. While the undisputed draw of this wilderness is the inland forest, don’t miss the California coast.

This  stretch of beauty  has enticed people for eons. This coastline isn’t just a place to breathe in the salty sea air and capture picturesque views of rocky coastlines (though that’s most certainly allowed).  You can also learn about marine ecology while wading through tide pools in search of sea stars, hermit crabs, and other Pacific sea life. This is one of the rare parks that finds itself on a continental coastline, providing an awesome mixed bag of things to do.  For more information go to

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