Rock Climbers Ascend Steep Stone Cliffs Joshua Tree NP

Rock Climbers Ascend Steep Stone Cliffs Joshua Tree NP

Rock Climbers Ascend Steep Stone Cliffs Joshua Tree NP.  Joshua Tree welcomes climbers, boulderers and highliners from around the world. This high desert monzogranite climbing mecca is famous for its traditional-style crack, slab, and steep face climbing. Joshua Tree offers challenges for all ability levels with more than 8,000 climbing routes, 2,000 boulder problems, and hundreds of natural gaps to choose from. It is truly a world-class climbing destination.

If you are learning to climb or are looking to expand your climbing skills, a guided day or class could be of interest to you. When hiring a climbing guide, make sure that they are permitted to work in Joshua Tree National Park. Before getting a permit each guide is required to have the highest levels of rock guiding certifications through the PCGI, AMGA, or similar organizations. They are also required to be certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR; and they must carry insurance.

These requirements protect both the guide and the climber making your day safer.

You may wish to purchase a climbing guide or hiking map if you are unfamiliar with the park. They are available at park visitor centers and at outdoor shops in the surrounding communities.

The National Park Service does not inspect, maintain, or repair bolts and other climbing equipment anywhere in the park. The rules that govern the placement of fixed anchors are complex. Please study them carefully as you are responsible for following them.

A fixed anchor is defined as any piece of climbing equipment that is left in place to facilitate a safe ascent or rappel. Examples include, but are not limited to, bolts, pitons, and slings. Only place fixed anchors as a last resort. Before placing fixed anchors on a route, think seriously about whether the route warrants them. Joshua Tree has a lot of top-rope routes, many of which are worth climbing, but not worth bolting.

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