Scripps Pier Beautiful Sunset, La Jolla, Ca

Scripps Pier Beautiful Sunset, La Jolla, Ca

Scripps Pier Beautiful Sunset, La Jolla, Ca.  SIO Pier. The Scripps Institution of Oceanography research pier is 1090 feet long and was built of reinforced concrete in 1988, replacing the original wooden pier built in 1915. The Scripps Pier is home to a variety of sensing equipment above and below water that collects various oceanographic data. The Scripps research diving facility is located at the foot of the pier. Fresh seawater is pumped from the pier to the many tanks and facilities of SIO, including the Birch Aquarium. The Scripps Pier is named in honor of Ellen Browning Scripps, the most significant donor and benefactor of the Institution.

Although I did not get the sunset alignment that happens twice a year- many of those opportunities never materialize because of the marine layer La Jolla so often gets. This time around, La Jolla had been socked in at the coast for over a week with marine layer, but the forecast was for coming offshore winds and clearing skies, somy husband and I were cautiously optimistic. The alignment happens over the course of several days and, unless you have very precise data from past observation, it’s never entirely certain which day you want… so it’s best to show up a day or two before when you think the right day is and then just keep showing up every day until it’s all done. The sun will be a bit higher or lower each day in the “window” at the end of the pier when it centers.

We drove three hours from Palm Desert, California in the hopes that I would get the sun centered in the window at the end of the pier.  No such luck.  For now I will have to be happy with the beautiful orang and pink sunset at Scripps Pier.  For a webcam view of the pier follow this link

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