Technical Considerations

Photography is Art.  Art inherently bound to technology.  As such the art form has evolved over the years to reflect the direction of artists and the best methodology of the technical.  It is a delicate balance of utilizing available tools to complete the expression of the artist.  In my view, it should become as liberating of a process as the experience.  The role of technology with regards to the creation of a fine print is to aide the photographer as a means to an end, not an end in itself.  The boundaries regarding the Art and science of photography should always be refined as long as they further the expressive freedoms of the photographer.

As a photographer, it is imperative that my prints are printed with the latest technology and highest level of accuracy.  As a result, I work with a print lab here in Portland, Oregon.  It is essential to have entire control over the process to insure the fruition of the complete expression.  The ability to interpret light, color, contrast and subtle relationships within an image is fundamental to a fine art print.  Currently I am only shooting using my digital 36megapixel camera.  As such, I am able to make precise adjustments in lesser and larger degrees of finesse, interpretation and expression.  The images are then optically exposed on photographic paper and processed traditionally on Metallic Archival paper.  Metallic Archival paper gives me the depth and clarity that I require of my prints. When handling prints, one should always wear white gloves and handle the print with the utmost care so as to not put a crease in the print.

We maintain this fine art printing method is the best collaboration of the old and the new.  Prints such as these are acquired regularly by museums for their permanent collections.  This process combines the best elements of technology distinctively designed for the purpose of the collectable fine art print.  Having the capability of working and reworking prints, making specific delicate improvements is critical to an exceptional fine print.  Furthermore it insures precise consistency and immaculate prints with superior longevity.  In my opinion it is an exceptional way to create fine expressive prints today.