Stroll Along Ocean Avenue, Carmel, California

Stroll Along Ocean Avenue, Carmel, California

Stroll Along Ocean Avenue, Carmel, California and you will find that shopping is metropolitan style. Carmel is wholly unique in setting. It is also an all-day experience. The most discriminating shopper is sure to find something of great appeal in one of the town’s stone-paved alleyways or curlicue-roofed shops.There are outdoor malls and family-owned boutiques. Carmel offers a shopping environment that wants for nothing but infinite time to explore.

In 1906, San Francisco photographer Arnold Genthe joined the Carmel arts colony. It was here that he was able to pursue his pioneering work in color photography. His first attempts were taken in his garden, primarily portraits of his friends. The photos included the leading Shakespearean actor and actress of the period, Edward Sothern and Julia Marlowe. They were costumed as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. It was also here that the cypresses and rocks of Point Lobos, the always varying sunsets and the intriguing shadows of the sand dunes offered a rich field for color experiments. According to the Library of Congress, where over 18,000 of his negatives and prints are on file, Genthe “became famous for his impressionistic portrayals of society women, artists, dancers, and theater personalities.”

Renowned photographer, Edward Weston, moved to Carmel in 1929. It was at this time that he shot the first of numerous nature photographs. Many were set at Point Lobos, on the south side of Carmel Bay. In 1936, Weston became the first photographer to receive a Guggenheim Fellowship for his work in experimental photography. In 1948, after the onset of Parkinson’s disease, he took his last photograph. It is an image of Point Lobos. Weston traveled extensively with legendary photographer Ansel Adams. Ansel Adams moved to the Carmel Highlands in 1962, a few miles south of town.

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