Testimonials – Thru the Lense Photography

“Wendy is one of the most dedicated landscape photographers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She puts in the time it takes to make unique, memorable images, and the results speak for themselves in her Thru the Lense Photography portfolio. In particular, her photographs from Yosemite and the surrounding areas capture wonderful moments from some of the most beautiful places on Earth.”

Tom Hassler
Professional Photographer and Photo Educator.

“Serving as Wendy’s mentor gave me the opportunity to witness her learning to fulfill her creative vision and reveal her passion for the landscapes she photographs. Wendy’s understanding of light, shape, and color enable her to interpret the unique character of her subjects in a very personal way and create true portraits of the landscapes she photographs.”

Mark Fitzgerald
Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert
Author of Zen of Postproduction
President of Oregon Professional Photographers Association

“When I first met Wendy and saw her files, I was struck by the striking impact her images had in color and composition. She definitely has an eye for capturing beauty in nature. I feel fortunate to work with her in successfully bringing her images to print.”

Lincoln Miller