Untold Stories, Old Tacoma Wa. Ambulance Hides In Bushes

Untold Stories, Old Tacoma Wa. Ambulance Hides In Bushes
Untold Stories, Old Tacoma Wa. Ambulance Hides In Bushes –Once used to transport people to the Hospital, this ambulance was discarded and left in the bushes  It is a rare photographic find hiding along the Olympic Peninsula on the Washington coast. If it could speak, there would be many tales to tell.

As far as I can tell this Ford Sedan type paneled truck dates to about 1945.  Ford halted its car and truck lines on February 10, 1942, to begin war production, but not before a short run of 1942 cars was built. Changes were made to the car besides a three-part “electric shaver” grille — and the parking lights were moved from the top of the fenders to between the grill and headlights. Tail lights were enlarged and moved from vertical to horizontal. The frame was lowered and softer springs were used to improve the ride. The dashboard was changed, moving the radio from the top of the dash to low down, and the linear speedometer and clock were replaced with round ones. The radio had an optional floor button so the driver could change preselected stations without using hands. War rationing required auto makers to black out their chrome trim, and a special four-door model was produced with no chrome at all for military use. The pickup received new styling, as well, with heavy vertical bars, and truck production lasted through March 3.

The 1942-style Ford cars certainly continued to be produced as military staff cars from March 1942 through summer 1945. These would have been registered as 1942, 1943, 1944, and 1945 models. Additionally, a large number of 1942 (and a few 1941) cars held in dealer stocks by government edict, to be doled out to essential users during the conflict, were Fords. Some states titled cars by the year of sale, so it is possible to find 1943, 1944, and 1945 models by virtue of their registrations and titles.

Special Note–As a member of Professional Photographer’s of America, I entered this photograph into our once yearly 2015 International Photographic Competition. The photo has not only MERITED, but it will be entered into our general collection book which will be printed by Marathon Press.                                                               silver-star Oregon Professional Photographers Association Merit 2015

gold-star Professional Photographers of America/IPC Aug. 2015


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