Vigor Shipyard’s Daily Operations, Portland, Oregon

Vigor Shipyard’s Daily Operations, Portland, Oregon—Surreal view of the daily operation of a shipyard.
Vigor Shipyard’s daily operations, Portland, Oregon.  However, Vigor has twelve locations.  They have more than 2,500 workers.  Vigor is the leading provider of shipbuilding, ship repair and complex fabrication.  They are located in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Vigor Shipyard builds fishing boats, tugs, ferries, barges, fireboats, high performance combatant crafts and a variety of aluminum workboats. Their shipbuilding experts live for the challenge of delivering new vessels on time and on budget.  If it floats, they can repair it. Vigor can repair small fishing boats to the country’s largest catcher processors.  They have repaired basic barges to state-of-the-art articulated tug and barge sets. They have repaired offshore supply vessels to floating drill rigs, and from aircraft carriers to cruise ships, Vigor’s ship repair teams can tackle any repair project.

Vigor can fabricate heavy, high complexity projects from structural bridge girders to nuclear containment devices. They love to build. The tighter tolerance and the more complex the better.

Vigor’s industrial service companies can apply specialty finishes.  They can install marine decking.  They offer precision machining. Its Oregon Iron Works subsidiary fabricates nuclear containment devices, dam lift gates for the hydroelectric industry and bridge and structural projects. Oregon Iron Works is also the primary supplier for the Ground Based Missile Defense program.

All Vigor companies share common goals: providing world-class maritime and industrial services to build the products customers need, to build the family-wage career opportunities craftspeople deserve, and to build the communities where Vigor employees live and work. For more information, visit

They are privately owned. They are publicly minded. They value training, hard work, and smart thinking. Vigor holds every employee accountable for success: theirs, ours, and our customers. They minimize barriers and respond quickly to market conditions and customers’ needs.  Vigor is serious about safety and environmental stewardship. Vigor shares a common goal: providing world-class maritime and industrial services to support our customers and strengthen the communities where we live and work.

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