Wendy M. Seagren-Photographer 2015 Award

OPPA Emblem

OPPA Emblem

Wendy M. Seagren-Photographer 2015  receives  Trophy.  Wendy M. Seagren was awarded Photographer of The Year, by Oregon Professional Photographer’s Association.  The Awards Banquet was held at Hayden’s Grill, Tualitan, Oregon on Dec. 13, 2015.  It was a wonderful evening.  Wendy Seagren received 2 Awards that evening.  The qualifications to receive this award is as follows: the award is presented annually to a member in good standing.  They have entered six or more photographic prints during the current year.  OPPA holds Quarterly Photographic Image Competitions  in March, May, July, and September of each year.  The award is based on the highest score resulting from an average of their six highest quarterly photographic Image Competition scores.   The average score must be at least 80 percent.  In the event of two or more members earning equal merits; each member receiving the highest total Image merits in that category will share the award equally.  Overall, Photographer of the Year is based upon the highest total image scores earned during quarterly competitions of that calendar year. The top six scores are totaled, at least four of which must have been 80 or above.

Divisional trophies are awarded to members who have highest image scores earned during quarterly competitions in each division (Wedding, Portrait, Landscape/Pictorial/Fine Art and Commercial/Industrial). Overall Photographer of the Year may also receive one of the Divisional awards. In the event of two or more members earn equally high image scores, each member receiving the highest total image will be awarded Trophies.

It was an honor and surprise to receive this beautiful trophy.  The last two years have been a wonderful journey.  It is through the hard work and wonderful classes that have been given by fellow members that I have reached new strides in my photographic abilities.