Wendy M. Seagren’s Best For 2016

Forest Cathedral

 It is with sheer joy that I write my final 2016 Blog.  The two photographs to the left were chosen as finalists in the esteemed photographic competition from USA Landscape Photographer Of The Year.  They represent my most beloved and cherished place to photograph “Yosemite”.




These next 3 photographs were submitted to Professional Photographer’s of America yearly International Photographic Competition Aug 2016. The first photograph was created in the darkroom using a Waterford Plate.  It was the first time that one of my photos went to the prestigious Loan Collection.  It will be hanging on the wall at Imaging USA in San Antonio in Jan. 2017.  The photograph of the Hawthorne Bridge, Portland and Death Valley both went to our Collection Book.  I am happy to say that I received my Master’s Degree from Professional Photographer’s of America at Imaging USA San Antonio 2017


The first photo on the left was taken in Yosemite during a prescribed burn on the Valley Floor. The second photography was taken during an early morning stroll along the streets of Carmel.

These next 3 photographs are among my favorites from our recent trip to Eastern Europe.  And so I leave 2016 with a bit of heavy heart.  I have spent many hours with each photograph helping to create individual portraits of light, “it is not what you see, but want I want you to see”.  A quote by Michael Adams.