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Whaler's Cove, Point Lobos, Ca.


Harvest_Moon_Glow On_Fire




Wendy’s Best–2015 Blog–As a landscape photographer when I am on location photographing, there is something that I must feel or experience before I click the shutter. Perhaps the scene evokes an emotion. It also has to do with how the light plays upon the scene which is certainly why ones emotion would be stirred. Perhaps after many years of photographing I have learned, “It is not what you see, but what I want you to see”. This is a recent quote by Michael Adams, the son of Ansel Adams. My work transcends the location, but is then created in my own mind. It is through skillfull manipulations that I have mastered, that I have been able to create individual “Portraits of Light”. Photography is open to the photographer’s interpretation.

As a witness to the breathtaking changes that take place in every passing season, I hope I have managed to bring a new sense of awe and wonder to iconic riches. My photographs are imagery born of endless patience over many years, finding just the right place and waiting for just the right light.

Patience combined with technical skills honed over the last 14 years as a professional photographer enabled me to capture these wondrous images that I have entered into Jim Goldstein’s Blog for 2015.


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