Whitman Grainery, Palouse Wa captures light from setting sun.

Whitman Grainery, Palouse Wa captures light from setting sun.

Whitman Grainery, Palouse Wa captures light from setting sun.  Light casts shadows.  It creates a strong sense of depth and dimension to this beautiful photo taken at sunset.  A grain elevator breaks up the composition, introducing a dash of human interaction with the natural surroundings found in this simply epic landscape.  The photo depicts a  grain elevator on the Palouse at sunset which was taken from Steptoe Butte, Eastern Washington.

My photo of the Whitman County Growers was made during sunset on one of our nights there. My goal was to have the green fields dark with strong shadows and then have the sun illuminate the grain elevator and silos nicely with warm tones. The sun was in my favor that evening.  There are shades of green, magenta and purple which are complimentary to each other.

Light, as we all know, is a critical element for making great photographs.  I consider myself a perpetual student as I am always studying the light in all kinds of situations.  Use ordinary light and your photographs will be ordinary.  Seeing light, learning the light, is a daily practice for me.  One of the most dramatic lighting conditions for landscape photography occurs when light and shadow work together to define a subject.  Here we have the contrast of monochromatic green rolling hills.  The contrast in the hues of the green shades are what amplify the detail of the beautiful rollings hills of the Palouse.

Whitman County is located in the U.S. state of Washington. As of the 2010 census, the population was 44,776. The county seat is Colfax.  Its largest city is Pullman. The county was formed out of Stevens County on November 29, 1871.  It is named after Marcus Whitman, a Presbyterian missionary.   Marcus Whitman and his wife Narcissa, were killed in 1847 by members of the Cayuse tribe.

Whitman County has highly productive agriculture. According to Heart of Washington, Whitman County produces more barley, wheat, dry peas, and lentils than any other county in the United States.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitman_County,_Washington#cite_note-18


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