Wild Cat Falls, Yosemite

Wild Cat Falls, Yosemite National Park

Wild Cat Falls, Yosemite National Park, Wildcat Falls is located at 37.72328°N 119.71697°WCoordinates: 37.72328°N 119.71697°W in the western quarter of Yosemite National Park alongside Highway 140, approximately 2.8 miles inside the park from the Arch Rock Entrance. It consists of a relatively thin string of falls and cascades totaling 720 feet (some sources list 630 feet), and only flows until about May or June. There are a total of seven drops in the waterfall, the longest being 120 feet. The base of the waterfall is a mossy grotto that is easily reached on foot and is a popular location among photographers.

Wildcat Falls was definitely one of the more obscure waterfalls I found in the park. The funny thing was that most people driving along the El Portal Road zooming past this waterfall without even knowing it was there! Not only that, but it was practically the next door neighbor to the semi-famous Cascade Falls.

The reason why it was so easily overlooked was because it was largely concealed by vegetation and there didn’t appear to be any infrastructure recognizing it. Indeed, this had the feeling more like it was one for the waterfall collectors like us. So with its understatedness, we were also able to enjoy the waterfall by ourselves (aside from the mosquitoes).

To access the base of this waterfall, we started from the car park for Cascade Falls, then we had to walk about 1/4-mile along Route 140 on the north side of the road until we reached Wildcat Creek. That was when we spotted a trail of use that led through the vegetation and right towards the attractive base of the falls. Before entering the vegetation, we were also able to see some of the upper sections of the waterfall by looking up towards the top end of the cliff looming over us.


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